Healthy Grief Essay

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Combating Compassion Fatigue.

The people who decided to become a nurse they dedicated themselves to give compassionate care to people who need physical, mental, emotional and spiritual care. Helping others puts you in direct contact with other people’s lives. As you probably have experienced, your compassion for those you help has both positive and negative aspects. Nursing is a stress full job. However we become the victims of the continuous stress of meeting the often overwhelming needs of patients and families, resulting in compassion fatigue. Compassion fatigue affects not only the nurse in terms of job satisfaction and emotional and physical health, but also the workplace environment by decreasing productivity and increasing
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These signs can include physical symptoms, psychological symptoms, emotional symptoms and even professional symptoms. Physical symptoms include not feeling good, tired, not sleeping good. Psychological symptoms include bad dreams relating to work, not able to enjoy things that you used to. Emotional symptoms includes getting more irritability and angry, feeling anxious, nervous, or overwhelmed as well as hopeless and vulnerable. Nurses need to be able to find out signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and develop a range of coping strategies and a support systems to revitalize their compassion and minimize the risk of burnout.
Treatment for compassion fatigue. Compassion fatigue treatment is important for those people who experience overwhelming depression and negativity as a result of the condition. These symptoms may keep people from providing proper care to those who need it most, be it a family member or a patient/client.Copassion fatigue can cause decrease productivity and decrease in providing quality care and can lead to make mistakes. Compassion fatigue treatment involves counseling the individual in order to help them cope with the symptoms of the disorder, and find solutions moving forward that will help them be better caregivers. The programs generally involve group or individual counseling.It is better to

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