Essay about Healthy Grief

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Healthy Grief
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` Job was a faithful follow of God who experienced tragedy as a result of Satan’s test of God. As a result of this test, Job moves through the stages of grief to complete his healing process. Kübler-Ross study of an individual’s grief led her to define and divide grief into five stages; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. This paper will examine the similarities joy and grief share. Lastly, how the author handles grief in their life.
Stage 1 of Kübler-Ross grieving process The wealth of livestock Job possessed was stolen and Job’s four sons and 3 daughters were killed by a strong wind that destroyed the house they were dining in (Job 1:14-19). Following the
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Grief and Joy share the similar aspect of pulling feelings of love and gratefulness from within ourselves. While experiencing denial we don’t want to experience the loss of something we had loved. Anger is a passionate feeling that can fuel a person’s soul and mind to push them towards the healing process of grief. Bargaining leads the individual to try to get back something they hold dear. Depression turns our minds inwards attempting to rekindle a lost feeling of happiness. During acceptance we embrace the truths and turn to finding joy. In joyful situations we grasp hold of what we love and endear it to ourselves. Joy too is a passionate feeling that provides fuel to a person’s spirit. We find joy many times when turning our thoughts within to discover what we love and hold dear.
This author generally moves through the stages of grief as described by Kübler-Ross, but not in sequential order. The authors grandmother and sister died within 6 months of each other leaving the author to experience a prolong time of grief. Drawing on the strength and support of loved ones had helped deal with this extreme form of grief. The author will spend time reflecting on what was lost and then use those memories as an inspiration rather than a weight holding one back. The research into how Muslims view grief, combined with lessons from the book of Job has served as additional inspiration into recognizing grief and using the methods listed by the author to

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