Healthy Eating Is More Important Than Doing Exercise For Weight Loss

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Healthy eating is more important than doing exercise for weight loss
Name: Gurpreet kaur Bains
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Date: February 3, 2016

In the course of recent years it is clear that weight is a critical health issue that influences the person’s self-esteem. An expanding number of people worldwide are obese or overweight, and being overweight increases the risk of developing diseases. Abundance weight is highly noticeable and brings out some powerful reactions that energize the individual to make a few changes in regards to his/her health (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute [NHLBI], n.d.). An alternate component may be a dietary behavior that recently has received attention is the utilization of foods prepared away from home such as fast-food and casual dining restaurants, are generally higher in calories and less healthful than foods prepared at home. Specifically Weight gain occurs when someone consumes more calories than his/her body burns (Kruger, Blanck & Gillespie, 2008).
Most people think that doing exercise is the best way to lose weight but even if they do exercise a lot still there is no weight loss as they have imagined. So why does not exercise works? Because those people ignored the fact that there is no result of weight loss without changing their eating habits. Weight loss is the primary health concern among society which plays significant role for maintaining…

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