Varying Habits

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There are certain habits encountered within life that are impossible to function without, as if tied down by chains we are attached to our habits or means of survival. Varying spices and dishes throughout the world have led many to be captivated through food. An absolute statement could be made that food is love. Necessary for survival food seems to be a one-way relationship that never loves us back, but that leaves us satisfied and feeling completely fulfilled. Quitting one’s job or failing to be a mom there are decisions to be made where one could just drop everything and leave it all behind leaving behind what’s important, but the habit of eating, the sole purpose of it is an instinct, need to survive. What people put into their bodies determines …show more content…
36% of American women are likely to be diagnosed with obesity in their lifetime (Women 's Health). An obesity epidemic across the world is threatening the public health. Concerns have led to the thought that life expectancy may start to rewind (Campos). Obesity does not mean plain out fat. My mother diagnosed with obesity three years ago, something we were told could eventually lead to type 2 diabetes. My mom could be called anything except fat; the lady has abs, but the problem involves not just her body fat, but her height comes into play.Being Brazilian it’s carbs and protein every night, allowing us to slowly lose control over our diets. Food has often been substituted for love, which eventually leads to obesity, overweight, and ultimately shame. Marc David argues that food IS love. David associates food with the reward of doing something good, or when having a Thanksgiving meal or a first date, food is revolved around the subject making it a memory connecting love and food. Although it can be problematic if taken to extremes when facing a difficult time (David).The reason many turn to junk food is that it is designed to make you keep wanting more. These provisions are intended to trigger pleasure within our brains. The article Why do we love junk food? Mentions several tricks used to lure people to keep coming back for more and make them assume it’s s good that it can’t be that bad for their

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