Healthy Activities For Elderly Parents For Heart Month Essay example

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Healthy Activities for Elderly Parents for Heart Month in the San Gabriel Valley

According to the American Heart Association, February is Heart Month. Heart disease kills an alarming number of people every year – which is particularly devastating because this medical condition can be prevented in many cases. If you are the adult child of elderly parents, you are likely concerned about their general health. A variety of health conditions can manifest as people get older, from diabetes to depression to heart disease. Most conditions such as these can either be prevented from manifesting or managed more effectively in people who remain active.

You can help your parents to stay active and have fun while they’re doing that. You may want to accompany your elderly parents in some of their activities – you could find yourself having as much fun as they do! Anytime that your parents might need assistance and you aren’t able to be there (or are simply feeling overwhelmed), don’t forget that respite care is available. Just be sure to hire someone from a licensed home care company – so you can be secure in the fact that your parents will be in good hands. Here are a few fun activities for elderly parents in the San Gabriel Valley.

Going for a Walk

If your parents are frail or out of shape, that doesn’t mean that they can’t get some exercise. Getting the heart pumping is vital to staying in good physical health, and it’s one of the best ways to ensure proper heart health. You could…

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