Healthcare Systems Of Canada And The United States Of America

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Healthcare can be defined as the preservation and enhancement of overall health, mental and physical, provided through medical services. These services can deal with the management, as well as prevention of diseases through medicine, public health, physical therapy, oral and vision care, and clinical psychology. Health care practices are made up of licensed professionals that strive to help individuals or a society, maintain a health conscious lifestyle that leads to becoming a healthy being. Primary health care is funded either two ways, publically or privately. However, there are countries around the world that unfortunately still have restricted access to healthcare, meaning that there may not be health care systems in place or the system is easily accessed by specific groups of people. This essay will explain the concepts concerned with a population’s access to healthcare, as it will be comparing the healthcare systems of Canada and the United States of America. The focus will be placed on the differences between public and private healthcare services and the accessibility to those services for various populations.
A publicly funded health care system provides primary care to a population achieved through financing in two ways: imposing a tax or through unavoidable national health insurance. As said by Makarenko (2010), Canada has a mixed public-private system. This means that the private district delivers health care services, while the public sector is accountable…

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