Healthcare Policy Article Review And Analysis Essay

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Healthcare Policy Article Review and Analysis
This paper addresses the policy barriers in three peer-reviewed articles found in the CSU-Global Library. These articles present many similarities in terms of integration, research funding, and reimbursement policy barriers along with opportunities for advancing policy in the fields of Behavioral Health, Pain Care and Management, and Palliative Care.
The Medical Home and Integrated Behavioral Health: Advancing the Policy Agenda
“The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of primary care delivery is an effort to reduce health care costs and improve patient experience and population health” (Ader, J., Stille, C. J., Keller, D., Miller, B. F., Barr, M. S., & Perrin, J. M., 2015, p. 909). This article discusses three approaches to integration behavioral health services into the medical home:
• Coordinated: Primary Care Providers (PCP) and Behavior Health Specialists practice independently in separate locations with coordination of care through other services
• Colocation: PCP and Behavioral Health Specialists practice and work together in the same facility, which improves care and communication. Since all services are in the same location, this method has numerous health and cost benefits.
• Integrated: Behavioral health specialists operate within the same system and are a regular part of primary care team. This fully integrated model of care creates an opportunity for improving behavioral health care services.…

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