Health & Social Care Unit 10 P3,M2 &D2 Essay

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P3,Whatever job you want you need skills and qualities for it, this helps you with your job without this it would make it hard to know what you're doing and hard to adapt to the job. Nursery teachers look after young children from 3 years old to 5 years old.
For a nursery teacher the skills are qualities you need are..
Understand the stages of child development- This is very important, you need to know for a number of reasons. Nursery teachers need to be able to see the child's level of ability. Abilities can differentiate at preschool age and an effective nursery teacher will meet each child level and guide them on their pathway to achievement. It is also important so they know understand the children that they are working with
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If the nursery teacher didn't do this the children would be off track. Children often copy others, so if the teacher if communicating well then the child could pick up on this which helps them to communicate better themselves. Children want to be listened to so the better you are at communicating this will enable you to assess their abilities and interests and plan for their next steps in learning and development. You will also get to know them well and then you can support their emotional needs. But it's not just about being able to communicate well with children, the nursery teacher needs to be able to communicate well with the parents, parents need reassurance that the teacher knows what is best for their child so they can update them on how well the child is doing, if the child needs helps or has a problem. And also the teacher can get the know the parents better so they can develop trust with each other. By communicating well with the parents this helps receive the best educational foundation for the child and helps create a positive first educational experience which helps when the child moves up the primary school. Communication is used different with different people, in a child's case they need learn and be supported more so than any other person because they are young and a lot of things could be going through their mind. If for example you were in a business meeting and you

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