Essay on Health Services At South Africa

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Health Services in South Africa
In South Africa there are vast range of services offered to the public related to their health, primarily these services are offered by the South African government under the public sector and private sector. According to PHNP (Physicians for national health program), there are 4200 public facilities with 110,143 bed capacity which ranges higher compared to private hospitals [1]. There are almost 88 medical schemes implemented by the government with approximately eight million beneficiaries. South African government has took an initiative for universal health for all the citizens and proposed many programs which include:
1. Anti-Substance National Plan of Action- This Act is mainly concerned with the implementation of the health policies and their legislation, decreasing the supply and demand of abusive drugs and focus on the rehabilitative treatment therapy.
2. Re-engineering primary healthcare-This program is mainly concerned with the training programs for Primary healthcare centers personnel with the guidance of specialists, and focus on the preventive management for the diseases wide spread in rural, municipal wards.
3. Health Sector 10-Point Plan- This plan aims at creating a good functioning health service which can provide improved quality health facilities and ultimately achieving better health outcomes.
4. National Strategic Plan on HIV, AIDS, STIs and TB 2012–2016- This scheme was introduced as a screening aid for HIV where…

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