Health Promotion As A State Of Complete Physical, Social, Spiritual And Mental Health

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The Holistic Model defines health as a state of complete physical, social, spiritual and mental hauroa (Davies, 2013). Health Promotion is one of the five-core functions of public health in New Zealand (Davies, 2013). The process of health promotion is to facilitate people, to increase control over, and to improve their overall health and wellbeing (Green & Raeburn, 1998). Health promotion does not focus merely on the individual but moves beyond to focus on a range of environmental and social interventions (World Health Organization, 2004). Health promotion practice has an important and specialised role in society, to maintain and improve health. According to Green and Tones (2010), the core values: equity; social justice; interdependence; aroha; self-determination and empowerment are crucial elements that relate to a holistic view of health. This reduces health inequities and improves health outcomes for all. This essay will anaylse the importance and application of two health promotion values, the Treaty of Waitangi and equity.

The Treaty of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi has become a significant document in New Zealand’s field of health promotion to improve Maori health and wellbeing (Durie, 1989). The contractual relationship was made between the British Crown and the Maori rangatira on the 6th February 1840 (Durie, 1989). The purpose of the Treaty was to establish a government in New Zealand and to found a nation state, in order to manage the…

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