Health Policy Essay

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OMAN- Country Profile

Mid-Population-2008 Population 2.8 m

Dr. Ali Mohammed Hussain Leprosy focal point, TB/Leprosy Control Program, DCDSC,DGHA, Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman

Expatriates Regions Wilayat 61

31.4% 11

Ministry of Health Policy
The Leprosy diagnosis & treatment are carried out by all hospitals. In each hospital, the dermatologist & one nurse should be given responsibility of LCP activities in addition to their regular activities. Where dermatologist is not available, LCP should be integrated with the TB Control Program. The treatment is offered as an OP basis, only complicated cases & cases with gross deformity should be admitted or referred for admission. Treatment is fully decentralized.
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As a result the number of leprosy cases declined dramatically over the years & in 2008 only a total of 7 leprosy cases were registered “2” cases (Zero PBL & two MBL) were detected among Omani’s with incidence rate of 0.10 per 100,000 Omani population. Among Non-nationals “5” cases were detected with incidence rate of 0.56 per 100,000 Expatriate population.

Leprosy Control Program
There are total of 8 Omani patients who are on treatment till date , 7 of them are for MBL. Patients & the house hold contact are followed up regularly for 5 years. MDT coverage is 100 % Only one child was diagnosed as Leprosy. So far no relapse cases. Any case needing further prolongation of treatment should be carefully evaluated with respect to clinical and bacteriological features and treatment continued at the discretion of a senior dermatologist

Leprosy cases among Nationals & Non-Nationals

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