Health Is Involved With Every Choice Essay

1085 Words Oct 26th, 2014 null Page
Health is involved with every choice you make. Whether the choice is what you eat for lunch or what career you are going to choose. All these aspects of your life will come back to affect your health in some way. The choices you make will show in time. It starts when you are an infant. Genes have a big factor in your weight. If obesity runs in your family you have a much higher chance of being obese. This could be because you were born with a low metabolism. Not everyone can process food as well as others. Some transmit a lot of the fat into their system ( With diet and exercise no matter what your metabolism levels are you can remain in good shape unless you have a medical condition. If you watch what you eat and make the right choices you can remain in good shape. It all starts with what choice you make with food. If you eat a lot of fast food then you are making the wrong choices. If you eat the right amount of servings and portions of food that is good for you then you will remain healthy. You have to keep exercising too. If you have the option between stairs or elevator/escalator then choose the stairs. Simple things like that can make or break your chances of remaining in good shape throughout your life. Exercise can be done easily throughout your day. When you are waiting for something do a simple exercise. Studies show humans spend four years waiting in their lifetime spend that time doing something productive like exercising. When you are a child…

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