Health Information Systems And Their Influence On Administrative Health Service Professionals

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Health care field runs on the massive collaboration of numerous health professionals who follow an ethical code, and acquired knowledge in order to provide the best services possible. Health service administrators are those health professionals that are not directly involved in the care of the patient but whose job ensures the medical establishment works properly. According to the (Bureau of Labor statistics, 2014) health service includes administrators, managers and executives that plan, direct and coordinate medical and health services. There are many variations to this profession some mange entire corporations, others departments, as well as specialization in billing, coding, technology, and project management to reference a few. The health service administration profession has be described as high pace and individuals must be prepared for various situations. Factors that can influence health service professionals include healthcare protocol, organizations regulations, healthcare laws and technology. The discussion throughout this paper focuses on health information systems and their influence on administrative health service professionals.
According to Glandon, Smaltz, and Slovensky (2014), information is defined as data or facts that have been processed and analyzed in a formal intelligent way so that results are directly useful to clinician or manger. Advance in technology and use of health information has evolve through time to assist health professional in the…

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