Health Epidemic Of Childhood Obesity Essay

1004 Words Nov 16th, 2015 5 Pages
As childhood obesity increases and parents continue to spend money at fast food restaurants to satisfy the needs of their large children, the fast food restaurants will grow to be enormous and take over the entire food industry. Fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s, could and may have already become the primary choice for going out to eat over a traditional restaurant due to the quicker readiness of the meal. This both drives healthier restaurants, that take time to prepare their courses, out of business and promotes quicker, less healthy alternatives.The differences in the costs of various food types, (fast food cheaper and fruits and vegetables more expensive), family structure (dual parenting), and the access,availability, and reliance on fast food industries are all economic factors that contribute to the nationwide epidemic of childhood obesity. The comparison in the pricing of unhealthy versus healthy food plays a major role in the contribution to the steadily increasing rates of childhood obesity in the US. The mere fact that healthy fruits and vegetables are becoming more expensive and unhealthy foods are becoming less expensive over time has a direct correlation to the rates of childhood obesity in this country. Just between the years of 1997 to 2013, the cost of fruits and vegetables has steadily inclined at the rate of 17% compared to the decrease of unhealthy food price over the years(Polis). Based off of this fact, families are more intended to…

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