Health Effects On The Health Of Individuals Essay

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Health Effects Eating Prehistorically The future is now! As civilization grows, our advances in technology, science, and business are increasing as well. With this new technology, people are found to be lazier and eating more unhealthy foods or simply just the wrong types of foods. Many people diet and try every new program but fail to succeed only bringing more physical and emotional pain. A new lifestyle change has taken interest with the public and it is called the Paleo Diet . This movement consists of few restrictions. Paleo is derived form prehistoric consumptions, but holds a new definition for health, and has many positive with very little negative health effects for humans. How does paleo impact the health of individuals? The paleo diet was originally introduced around 2007 but is based upon how people lived 80 thousand years ago. Prehistorically, humanity lived by hunting and gathering. Processed foods were not in existence. Humans killed game animals and gathered their own fruits and vegetables without consuming processed sugars and high carb foods. “For 95 percent of their time on Earth, humans have sustained themselves by foraging, that is, by hunting and gathering food from their natural environment,” (Khan Academy, How Did the First Humans Live). The Paleo diet is ultimately acquired from this way of living. Paleo is about eating naturally in order to better ones self without the need to subscribe to a TV add for three meals a day delivered to doorstep.…

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