Health Effects Of Garcinia Cambogia Essays

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Health Effects of Garcinia Cambogia: Is The “Skinny Pill” a Safe Way to Lose Weight? Diet pills are everywhere. On supermarket shelves, pharmacies, and gas stations. They are unavoidable. A sad, inescapable reality that today’s society deals with. The first diet pills became available during the late 1800s. These diet pills, referred to as fat reducers, were based on thyroid extract, which can increase the metabolic rate. The pills were believed to be an effective form of weight loss. However, the pills had unexpected side effects which included abnormal heartbeats, increased heart rate, weakness, chest pains, high blood pressure and even death. While the risks were substantial, this form of weight control continued to be available until the 1960s (The History of Diet Pills). People will go to any lengths to lose weight and to conform to society’s ideals of the perfect body. “In the 1930s, a new medication called dinitrophenol became a popular treatment for weight loss. The drug was shown to produce a thermogenic effect within the body. Several accidental deaths from hyperthermia caused by the drug, along with incidents of severe rashes, damage to the sense of taste, and eye cataracts began to be reported. These incidents contributed to new laws being enacted that gave the Food and Drug Administration greater control, and the use of dinitrophenol in the United States was halted (The History of Diet Pills).”
Diet pills are advertised as skinny pills, miracle pills, and the…

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