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Security and Privacy
Funmi Fashakin
June 10, 2013
Aimee Kirkendol
Security and Privacy Patient security and privacy is one of health care organization fundament responsibility in meeting the organization objectives and providing services to the community the organization serves. Patients’ health care information are expected to be kept confidential and protected, there is a legal and ethical responsibility binding health care organization to protect and to develop a plan within the organization to protect patients’ medical records. There is always a privacy concern when patients’ medical data information are not protected and secured during a natural disaster. In this paper natural disaster scenario case of a
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Health care organization must put in place disaster plan comprehensively designed disaster to secure safety of patients, protect patients’ records from losses, to ensure continuity of stable care operation, to enhance orderly patients’ medical record recovery, and have plan subsequently to address the recovery of patients’ lost health records to help organization to resume business operation more effectively. The process in place to protect patients’ records in anticipation of natural disaster is the contingency plans as outlined in HIPAA security rule; the five implementation of the plan includes 1. To backup patients’ health information 2. Recovery disaster plan 3. Operational Emergency mode plan 4. Procedure for testing and revision 5. Critically analysis of applications and data Responding to the situation Responding to the situation will have effect on how quickly the organization will get back to operation after the flood, therefore I respond by activating triage internal disaster code (ICS), notify communications of the location and type of incident, notify staffs, and assess the floor for patient care status and damage. Responsibilities of the

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