Health Care Essay

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An article written by Velma Roberts gives us an insight about one health care facility (Heritage Valley Medical Center) on how a well-known organization which provide quality services for all citizens in their community is culturally competent. For the past 20 years, this medical center had grown and committed to its mutual ideals and its respect for all patient and their families. Soon after the establishment of the State Health Indigent Care Fund, Medicaid settlement increases which make it comparable to those who managed care organizations. Heritage Valley Medical Center intended to utilize this new market and potential revenues that come with it to target the minorities. After 3 years, minorities’ residents increased from 10% to 40% …show more content…
She continue on by stating “we can’t help it if these people are uneducated, can’t speak the language, and don’t know how to communicate with professional people”. The two African American mangers agreed with their co-workers after being asked what their thoughts were on the patients’ response. However, the male Hispanic manager was dismayed about the Caucasian’s and African American’s feedback about Hispanics. He knew that it was wrong to unnecessarily targeted the Hispanic who are hardworking people doing work on one else would. After reading the article, there were some cultural competence demonstrated by the nursing director and the two African Americans managers. It’s understandable for the two managers to agree with their colleagues but it’s ethnically unacceptable for them to do so. Heritage Valley Medical Center is lacking competent employees in their center. The current staff may not directly notice the changes they implemented in the way of employing, retaining and mentoring new ones, so there is a need for managers to continuously discuss about and endorse the organization’s new process, and it is also needed to improve the staff from within. The organization must take note of the outputs of their diversity platforms and continually let the employees know about them. If they cannot comprehend the cultural differences and be able to connect well with their staff, the facility would not survive. Ms. Haper need to discuss to

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