Health Care Worldwide And How Access For It Affects The World Population

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This paper researches health care worldwide and how access to it affects the world inhabitants. Third World Nations have more preventable deaths than developed countries because they do not have access to adequate health care. Health care becomes a human rights issue when people die because they are poor. Inhabitants of the world who are wealthy have the obligation to provide basic programs that will meet the health care needs of developing countries. These programs should include: listening to the voice of those in need, providing drugs and supplies that will combat common diseases, and doing continued research to eradicate diseases. They also need more medical professionals to treat patients, and collection and maintenance of data regarding health care provided. When these key needs are met, then through donations and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) health care equality throughout the world can be achieved.
Cardiologist Ernest Madu offers a leaflet showing a 4-month-old baby girl born with a disrupted valve in her aorta. The poster advertises a community campaign to raise $60,000 to fly her to Miami, Florida, for surgery. "I heard that she died," Madu says, a somber look overtaking the usual brightness in his eyes. "If that child had been born in the U.S. instead of Jamaica," he adds, "she would have grown up to do what she wanted to do in life: Go to school, get married, have children, and have a career. She died because she was Jamaican (Walljasper,…

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