Health Care Systems Essay

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Study Guide – Social Work 151 / Fall 2009 - STEWART

Delivering Healthcare in America: A Systems Approach
Leiyu Shi & Douglas A. Singh

Chapter 1: A Distinctive System of Health Care Delivery

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The primary objectives of a healthcare system include all of the following except: a. Enabling all citizens to receive healthcare services b. Delivering healthcare services that are cost-effective c. Delivering healthcare services using the most current technology, regardless of cost d. Delivering healthcare services that meet established standards of quality

2. The U.S. healthcare system can best be described as: a. Expensive b. Fragmented c. Market-oriented d. All of the above

3. For
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The total number of cases at a specific point in time divided by the population at risk

10. Holistic health adds which element to the World Health Organization definition of health? a. Physical b. Mental c. Spiritual d. Social

Chapter 3: The Evolution of Health Services in the United States

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following forces remains relatively stable, and major shifts in this area would be necessary to bring about any fundamental change in the US health care delivery system? a. Economic forces b. Political change c. Beliefs and values d. Social forces

2. In its historical context, which of the following has played a major role in revolutionizing health care delivery? a. Beliefs and values b. Science and technology c. Medical education d. Economic growth

3. In the preindustrial era, _____ often functioned as surgeons. a. butchers b. tailors c. clergymen d. barbers

4. Hospitals in the United States evolved from a. alms houses b. sick homes c. pest houses d. inns

5. What was the function of a pest house in the preindustrial period? a. To house people who had a contagious disease. b. To provide refuge to those who were threatened by pests. c. To eradicate pests. d. To treat contagious diseases.

6. Which of the following factors was

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