Health Care Reforms By President Obam A Corruption Of Our Democratic Principles

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Group I: Question A
PhRMA’s involvement in the health care reforms led by President Obama was a corruption of our democratic principles. “For years now, drug makers have been operating on the dark side, financially incentivizing doctors and health care providers to promote their drugs, and compensating pharmaceutical sales reps based on the number of prescriptions written by the doctors they call on” (Archer 2013). The Huffington Post cites how “Big Pharma has been systematically price-gouging the Medicare program for seniors and people with disabilities -- and raking in billions in excessive profits. The 11 largest global drug companies made an astonishing $711 billion in profits over the 10 years ending in 2012, and they got a turbo-charged boost when the Medicare Part D prescription drug program started in 2006” (Rome 2013). Seven hundred eleven billion dollars certainly sound like more than just an outsized role. PhRMA may as well be the proverbial Giant and patients, families, and caretakers are the proverbial David.
“PhRMA contends that high profits are a necessary incentive for undertaking the risky and arduous business of discovering innovative drugs. These drugs are vital to the health of Americans” (Relman and Angell 2002). Whereas patients are spending $2 trillion per year on health care, or $6,000 per capita, which constitutes 16 percent of our GDP (Engel 2011). Patients pay the highest prices for prescription drugs of any country in the world and have a taste…

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