Health Care Reform Essay

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Health Care Reform
Tiffany Henderson
POL: 201 American Government
Instructor: Kristine Tsahiridis
June 8,2015

We are all too familiar with the term “Obamacare”. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear it is health care. Medical insurance has become such a hot topic in the most recent years. Not everyone is able to afford the best care, and it is becoming more of a challenge for senior citizens and for people with limited income in general. Health Care reforms have always had a long history of being proposed but not approved. That has changed in 2010 when two new federal statues were passed into law. The first being the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or PPACA, and the second being the amended version to the
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It enabled consumers to be able to purchase health plans without having to worry so much about rates being too high based on existing health problems. It eliminates annual coverage caps, and also sets minimum ratios of direct health care spending to income. It allows for consumers to compare prices and purchase plans based on their health needs alone. From the federal aspect of this law, it has been made possible for consumers in each state to afford better health care. Insurance companies are no longer allowed to discriminate against consumers based on their income or previous health conditions. They are now made to offer competitive rates that are not based on existing health conditions, but the coverage itself.
“The stories of everyday Americans and, more importantly, the courage it took to share those stories is what kept this effort alive and moving forward even when it looked like it was lost. They are why we got this done. They are why I signed this bill into law.” (Obama, 2010)
The health care reform act is a great plan. It gives many people the opportunity to have great coverage for health. Senior citizens can now benefit from having coverage, without having to worry about the premiums being expensive. It is now tailored to their income and is not going to increase based on age or previous health concerns. This policy could prove to be very effective in the fact that it sets nationwide boundaries for all insurance companies

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