Health Care Reform Project, Part I Essay

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Health Care Reform Project
Part One
May 23, 2011

Health Care Reform: Managed Care
In this country there are numerous concerns about health care economics. Several factors contribute to the increase of health care costs. One area of concern is the impact of managed care on health care finances. Managed care has been around since the early 1970s. The definition of managed care is a set of contractual and management methods implemented to manage the financing and delivery of health care services. Initial implementation of managed care was for health care cost saving (Getzen & Moore, 2007, p. 203, para. 1). Though Managed care initially addressed several health care finance issues, there are still problems with the current
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The four impacts used in this analysis were professional autonomy, control of health care costs, quality of care, and relations with patients. The results of the study showed that most doctors had negative opinions about the impact of managed care; the impact on control costs was positive but the impact on professional autonomy was mainly negative. The study showed both the negative and positive sides of managed care from the viewpoint of a physician (Agoritsas, Bovier, Deom, & Perneger, 2010).
The Metamorphosis of Managed Care
The article, “The Metamorphosis of Managed Care: Implications for Reform Internationally,” states that the government and others have used the tools of managed care to encourage different intentions. These intentions range from accessing medical care, to limiting medical spending, to stopping physicians to become entrepreneurs, and helping the health care markets and insurance companies to grow. This article helps to discover how managed care changed the doctor’s conflicts of interests and the responses to those conflicts. The article also states how managed

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