Health Care Procedures For Nurses Essay

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Nursing practices are ever changing as the environment, technology and time changes. Therefore, nurses? responsibility, the nature of care, and nurses? role has also changed. This paper is centered around the evolving health care changes and its impact on the nursing profession, including a continuum of care, accountable care organization, medical home, and nurses managed health clinics. Furthermore, this paper is presented to three nurses colleague and their opinion and feedback are discussed.
In the 21st century, health care practices have changed rapidly compared to previous decades. Hospitals used to be the most common place to work for nurses, now it is considered only one of the various sectors of work for nurses. As opposed to the past, hospital stay for a patient is now becoming shorter. Nowadays, only severely sick patients are admitted to hospital. Previously, patients who were cared for in the hospital?s medical-surgical ward, now get treated in rehabilitation centers or in their homes. Also, patients who used to be treated in the critical care unit are now treated in the telemetry units. Advancements in technology, increases in the cost of health care, and reimbursement factors have forced most of these health care changes (Dickerson, 2011).
Nurses? practice area, scope, skills, educations, trainings, and certifications have also become broader to meet the current and anticipated changes of health care delivery model. The health care reform passed in 2010 has…

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