Health Care Policies By Paul Starr Essay

1386 Words Apr 30th, 2016 6 Pages
Health care policies are what make health care what it is today, and the foundation they are built on is what Americans have trusted on. The verbal and written health care policy documents vary throughout states and countries and policies have the power to help or hurt the health care system. One author in particular Paul Starr of Remedy and Reaction illustrates well of the health care reform, and the neighboring states that have different health policies for granting health insurance. There are many ways to tackle the effective and ineffective ways health care policies are reaching their goals. Paul Starr mentions a great deal of the health care reform’s ideals of securing health care for Americans and how health care has been vastly different. He also mentions of not being worried of the ACA’s downfalls now, but what it can do for the future. This novel is an eye-opener and it has great wisdom to share to students and people of the ACA and reaching highs instead of lows for the future of health care. First of all, the reasons why I selected this book was to enhance my knowledge more of another’s author opinion about the health care reform and what the future holds for Americans. Did President Barack Obama make the best possible choices for health insurance for Americans of the procedures and obstacles of obtaining insurance? Health care has become very different from Reagan, to Clinton, to Bush, and now Obama. I wanted to find answers of why health care is difficult to…

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