Health Care For Lesbian Patients On Religious Grounds Essay

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In a case that occurred in California, a woman named Guadalupe t. Benitez was receiving infertility treatments to have a child with her partner of the same sex. However, this was put to a stop by physicians Christine Brody and Douglas Fenton who refused to continue with the treatments because they had religious beliefs that homosexuals should not have children with the use of artificial insemination. Fortunately for Benitez, she found another physician to continue with the treatments and had a son of her own. This case brings on a question that addresses a moral dilemma and will be discussed in this paper, the question is as follows; Do health care professionals have a right to refuse to provide treatment to lesbian patients on religious grounds? No, health care professionals do not have a right to refuse to provide treatment to lesbian patients on religious grounds. In a situation where a doctor refuses to treat a patient on the grounds that they have their own moral issues regarding the treatment, this could constitute for many issues. In this situation it violates the four principles of bioethics, which violates the patient’s autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, justice and even constitutes as paternalism on the physicians behalf.
Autonomy is defined as a person’s right to make his or her own decision. In a medical practice, as long as the patient is competent and understands the treatment, then a physician should not be able to override a patients decision for…

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