Essay on Health Care At The United States

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Health Care in America
Health care is a big issue in the United States, because it concerns many people’s health. When their lives are in danger, they can go to hospital and get best treatment, or when they are just having a headache or a cold, they can also go to see a doctor and take care of it. To those people who have health insurance plan, they do not have to worry about huge cost behind the hospitals. But in United States, there are still many people who are below poverty line. They can not afford health care plan, because it is too expensive.
As we know, the cost of health care in United States is most expensive in the world. If a person does not have health insurance plan, the cost of just one small surgery or medical visit would be a enormous number. My teacher told me one of her experience about health care. Her husband was bite by a bat while in a trip. They went to a hospital and got an injection immediately. Then, the hospital told them that the price of that simple shot was about $25,000. But thanks to their health insurance plan, which covers most of the money, and they only have to pay a few hundred of it. This sounds great right? Because if you have health insurance plan, you do not have to worry about how to pay those big amout money. But for those people who are struggling on the bottom of the society, while they are working, they have also to keep a good health. If something happens to them, the cost of paying to hospital sometimes would be their all…

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