Health Based Regulations On The Consumption Of Tobacco And Its Related Products Were Ignored

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Health-based regulations
In the past eras the health effects of the consumption of tobacco and its related products were ignored (Bates, et al., 2003). The level of awareness of the health effects and risk posed by the consumption or exposure to the consumption of such products was limited. Few people were aware of what tobacco and related products could do to their bodies, but this has changed in the recent past (Kessler, et al., 1996). With sensitization and creation of awareness many people have started to see the negative health benefits of exposure to tobacco and other similar products. Most governmental bodies were turning a blind eye on the consumption of tobacco. The rules and regulation introduced to follow up such were loosely enforced so many manufacturers, and suppliers of the commodity enjoyed the scenario. As the world becomes globalized, more governments are introducing strict laws and regulations that are aimed at protecting their citizens from the negative effects arising from the consumption of tobacco (Muggli, et al., 2011).BAT produces a large share of tobacco products and supplies globally, but it 's being impacted by these new regulations.
The organization is being forced to imprint a message on the tobacco products. The message is intended to warn people from consuming such as the message is very clear and precise that consumption of tobacco and the similar products will lead to death (Saloojee & Dagli., 2000). Many people who did not have that prior…

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