Tobacco Advertising Campaigns

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In the context of contemporary consumer society, advertising is an indispensable way of product promotion. People can easily find advertising campaigns of different brands anywhere, like the billboards, bus stations, even in restrooms. Advertising campaigns have already become a kind of mass media which transmit all the information frequently. The modern advertising industry aims to use creative ideas and sophisticated graphics to convey the message to a specific target market.

Advertising campaigns for the products like tobacco is a very special kind of advertising project. Before the 1980s, the tobacco industry used to advertise in a variety of media. At that time, many cigarette campaigns are the most interesting and informative
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The law also requires that the Federal Trade Commission report the tobacco industry advertising and labeling practices and to submit it to Congress. The tobacco advertising banned on television and radio in 1970 was based on law named “Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act.” In 1986, the law “Comprehensive Smokeless Tobacco Health Education Act” was enacted, the law prohibited smokeless tobacco advertising on TV and radio, required the use of three rotating health warning labels on smokeless tobacco packages and advertisements, and required the Department of Health and Human Services to publish a report every two years to Congress on smokeless tobacco sales, advertising, and marketing. One of the most recent laws was enacted in 2009, “The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.” In this law, the government required a graphic warning label or a larger text warning to be placed on tobacco advertising products. Also, the descriptors “light,” “low,” “mild,” or similar descriptors were no longer allowed on tobacco products, or cigarettes containing certain …show more content…
Because of the huge pressures from work, home, and the whole society, young adult smokers got used to facing the challenge. They lost themselves and realized it was hard to find true guidance from the outside which can help them move forward and face challenges in their lives. They were confused and wanted to hide in a virtual world which was called “Maybes.” This was the idea that Marlboro wanted to give to teenagers, and it encouraged them not to believe in “Maybes,” but to stand back and let it happen.
The advertising of “Be Marlboro” was displayed in areas which can be easily seen by teenagers and youth, such as outdoor advertising, and the places include bus stations, retail shops, and billboards. The ads show how cool it can be for teenagers to enjoy their lifestyles and never feel fear in their life, and teaches them to face the challenges of life.
Also, the advertising appeared in supermarkets and corner stores, as the point-of-sale advertising aimed to attract young people who regularly bought cigarettes in these retail locations. The advertising campaign displayed at the most prominent places in the store, at customers’ eye level, in order to ensure people could see the ads

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