Health And Sanitation, Local Emergency Essay

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Health and Sanitation, Local Emergency?
The health and safety of a countries citizens must be one of the highest priorities in any respectable country. Well apparently in our society, that is not quite the case. Over the past few years many diseases have made appearances all over the United Kingdom. Cholera and Typhoid have all featured in outbreaks over the past half decade. Furthermore, as peasant folk move from there lowly farms to the big cities, and populations increase, these diseases have spread far more easily and have effected everyone. The poor, are who is most effected by these horrible outbreaks. Cholera is a disease created by contaminated water and is often found in sewage. Last year a horrible sewage leak took place. The sewage seeped into the River Thames as it was later found out that a company based just out side of London, The Bessemer Steel Company, had redirected their sewage line into the river to save money. The river is where most of the poor go to bath and clean after a long day working, at filthy factories, littered with rats and oozing with disease or infected workshops infested with termites. The infected sewage water also contaminated the river water, and so the poor got extremely sick and eventually died, not before passing the disease to their families, who passed it on the to anyone else who came into close contact. An estimated twenty-thousand people where diagnosed with severe sickness. More examples of disease are relatively easy to find,…

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