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Health and Sanitation, Local Emergency?
The health and safety of a countries citizens must be one of the highest priorities in any respectable country. Well apparently in our society, that is not quite the case. Over the past few years many diseases have made appearances all over the United Kingdom. Cholera and Typhoid have all featured in outbreaks over the past half decade. Furthermore, as peasant folk move from there lowly farms to the big cities, and populations increase, these diseases have spread far more easily and have effected everyone. The poor, are who is most effected by these horrible outbreaks. Cholera is a disease created by contaminated water and is often found in sewage. Last year a horrible sewage leak took place. The sewage
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Marx’s books and Marx himself were truly important to the industrial revolution. Being the “father of communism”, Marx believed that everyone within society was equal, and the social gap between the rich and poor should be non existent. He wanted the role of any given individual to be that of equality, and thought capitalism was a system set up to benefit the rich and hinder the poor. Furthermore, Marx and his book “Das Kapital” provided an alternative viewpoint within the industrial revolution that was both unpopular and refreshing simultaneously. Marx and his work has a great impact on the Industrial Revolution because he provided an alternative viewpoint. He was able to criticize the corruption he saw in capitalism and propose an alternative. Although his ideas were not popular, he provided an refreshing viewpoint that many followed and that still has effects on society today. Some examples of Marx’ work impacting modern society would be communism being used as a form of government, most famously in China and Russia (Soviet Union). It is clear that Karl Marx was an extraordinary philosopher who had an incredible impact not just on his society, but our world today as …show more content…
The Urbanization of our society was extremely helpful to business owners everywhere. Many peasants moved from the lowly farms to the big city for work and there was never any shortage of employees for hire, on the cheep. Also the movement away from the domestic system, to the factory system made business far more efficient at handling many items needed for selling. Famous thinkers both agreed and disagreed with the economic system (capitalism) for the industrial revolution. An example of this would be Adam Smith, who believed that capitalism would only benefit the consumer and create great competition between businesses. The Industrial Revolution is clearly the most profound example of Classical Liberalism that we have ever seen and benefitted the wealthy business owners to no end. However, the Industrial Revolution wasn’t without its own

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