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Demographic Paper
Cherrylou E. Nunez
April 29. 2013
Yvette Thompson

Demographic Paper

The demographic of aging population study in California is such an interesting study because of the wide range of various populations with different cultures and ethnicities that you will find with in California alone. According to the latest census it shows that there are 3.6 million of the 34 million living in California as of April 1, 2000 are 65 or older of age of which representing nearly 11% of the state’s overall population. It is somewhat lower than the 13% of Americans who are elderly. In addition, at the same time, nearly 30% of Californians were 19 or younger, and 59% were ages 20 to 64. The differences of California from the
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It highly known or studied that health industry will see a huge impact in the need of health care professionals as we are in the generation of growth and there is no denial on that. The effect of the aging on the population changes demographic will profoundly sense in the health industry in as much if the population is relying on the Medicare to assist the health care needs, this situation will create a strain effect to everyone involve. The effect of the aging on population can likewise echoes in the continuing necessity for more professional in the health care industry. The young generation contributes as ages develop the essentials for additional aged specialists are crucial. The needs of these specialists will concentrate in the field of medicine and that includes physical therapy, and most likely in mental health care professionals. These professions will highly need in the coming days and will continue widely as the changing of aging population demographically. Ella Kick, (2003) “Health Care and The Aging Population: What are Todays Challenges.”
Several illnesses may classify into the category of health care challenges to the aging changing population demographic. However, the two key elements that have triggered the attention on the study are Heart Disease and Cancer. According to the static provided by Centers for Disease Control Prevention, heart disease has the highest rate as of 2007 statistic

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