Essay on Health Administration

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Lora Norris

American InterContiential University

Systems in Healthcare

April 2013


The unabated continuation of rapid increase and broken parts of the health profession is very complex. This paper will explore the complexity of health organization as it related to individuals today. The best practice with health care systems comes from three major groups to help improve the necessary components for survival. “Communication is critical. Everyone should have sufficient opportunity to be heard and participate in primary scenarios affecting the health outcome for the community” (Griffin, 2002).

Healthcare Organizations & Their Environments
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Two factors that contributed to increase participation in medical decisions were the rapidly increase cost. “Health care cost increased as a percentage of the gross national product (GDP) from less than 6% in l960 and l5% in 1977. The same time physician researchers were documenting major variations in how care was setting across the country” (Wennberg, 1988). The United States health care delivery system is a massive one that is in high demand. The organizations range from medical suppliers, insurers, payers, educational and research institutions, claim processors, and health care providers. There are a multitude of providers which are involved in preventive, subacute, acute, auxiliary, primary continuing care and rehabilitative. A managed care organization (MCOs) has networks that provide care covering many of these service components. Some other key issues in all effort have been how to acknowledge the overlap of nursing with other occupations and still maintain the care identity of nursing. Positive aspects are that nurses’ can move into any kind of health setting with patients having many problems. Nurses are in great demand across the country. Having great diversity
Social Values Who does what in health care are the social values related to work and gender. Expectation regarding professionalism and some decision making in health care are

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