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Facility Description
For this assignment, I conducted much research on the Head Start Program. I visited the West End Gardens Head Start facility. There, I conducted an interview of three employees, where I sought to gain a better understanding of the overall nature of the Head Start program. This Head Start facility is located at 534 West 4th street in Plainfield, New Jersey. The neighborhood is very urban, where as, there were many people out and about walking on the streets. Its atmosphere is metropolitan and built up with many stores, offices, and municipal buildings. I found it surprising that children's school would be on such a busy street. All of the traffic made me a little weary about how safe the environment was. I chose this
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The teachers want to teach the children to develop positive and nurturing relationships with adults and peers, think critically, increase the children's self confidence with positive reinforcement, and develop literacy, numeracy, reasoning, problemsolving, and decision making skills. All of this, forms a foundation for school readiness and learning.
Head Start provides services to meet their goals. Educationally, they strive to meet the diverse needs of each individual child. For example, children are given a vast variety of learning experiences, which cultivates emotional, social, and intellectual growth. Upon entering the program, each child is enrolled in an inclusive health care program. This includes, immunizations, emergency assistance, crisis intervention, medical, dental, mental health, and nutritional services. Parental involvement is a huge component of Head Start.
In April 2002, President Bush announced the Good Start, Grow Smart preschool education initiative. This federal program partnered up with individual states in an attempt to improve early childhood education and strengthen the Head Start program. It did so, by educating teachers, parents, caregivers and grandparents on how to best facilitate children's learning.
Work Performed by Staff
The staff at Head Start has similar job responsibilities to schoolteachers across the country. They must come up with

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