Hcs440 Week 1 Essay

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Economic terms and health care history
Woody Johnson
June 12, 2013

During history, health care economics has changed considerably. The main reason that stimulus change in health care economic are technology and medical care, however a lot has to do with evolutionary changes that the U.S. endured from the beginning. It is very essential to comprehend health care cash flow system and economic history. Administrators use this data to help organize the future of the corporation. In this paper, I plan to use the terms to elaborate on the history and evolution of health care economics and the timeline of finance.
Before the year of 1990, there was not a significant health care in
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Health care cost continues to increase over the past 50 years. This causes a problem for the elderly and low income individual. For example, elderly and low income people relatives are not able to get health treatment. During the last 10 years, government have pushed for a national health care system. On March 23, 2010 the Affordable Care Act become enact (HHS, 2010). This is to modernize the health care business, making sure individuals are able to get health insurance and service, reduce insurance scam, and reduce the cost of health care. In the year of 2014, this is thought to be complete.
Economics, microeconomics (particular aspect economic related to firm), macroeconomics (general aspect economic related to firm), Supply, demand, Inelasticity, elasticity, and gross domestic product (total market value).
When concerning with Economics, it is good to explore and test ways to organize and finance the system in order to improve patient care. At its most basic level, health care is a handful of financial transactions, in which patients are obtaining insurance, physicians and hospitals provide services, pharmacies provide medications, and insurance companies pay for those goods and services. So to understand health economics, you must follow the money. When tracing the flow of funds through the health care system, it's important to be aware that the money trail is constantly shifting, changing

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