Hca 240 Week 2 Assignment Infectious Disease Essay

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HIV/AIDS is a worldwide phenomenon that has affected many people and killed millions of others over time because of it. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS over a period of time, HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus and AIDS stands for Auto immune deficiency syndrome. A sexually transmitted disease that has affected many people and altered many lives and a disease that I hope one day can have a cure to help those many people still living today that live with either of these diseases. More people need to be aware of this and continue on using protection when involved with sexual partners. Over time we have learned much more about it now and it is not like before that many people were afraid to be in contact with
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When it comes to breast milk the most common way to give it to someone would be to actually breast feed and this usually happens when giving a baby breast milk or in this case also before birth while the baby is in the stomach. The highest risk and most common way though is sex and having unprotected sex heightens the possibility of getting this disease from someone who has it.
Having this disease increases the possibilities of getting other disease as well since your body isn’t fighting of the diseases in the first place. Diseases like pneumonia can happen or even common colds come to you more frequently and do more harm than before. Diseases that may be common to someone in perfect health can be fatal and kill someone that has been infected with HIV or AIDS, the stakes are much higher because this person doesn’t have his or her natural immune system fighting off diseases like it normally would. Many ways are out there to try and control the spread of the disease that we can all practice in. First the obvious who is someone making the decision to not have sex or practice other forms of sex that don’t involve intercourse. Male and female condoms are a huge part of this because they protect you from many diseases not only AIDS. Also not sharing needles if you inject drugs into your body, a

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