Hazing Research Paper

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Hazing: Does It Exist and How Is It Being Prevented?
Often times hazing is a big problem we see occurring in our society. Whether it is occurring within a sports team, sorority, school, friends, or even a group of co-workers, we hear about it on a relatively frequent basis. Often times hazing stories are justified by the person committing the act of hazing and over dramatized by the media. Conducting a full study on whether hazing actually exists and the multiple ways it exists can help members of our society to further understand the implications of the action. Throughout this study the definition of hazing has been explored as well as superfluous examples to prove hazing is prominent in our society and laws and actions taken against
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Much speculation exists with the accusation that hazing is a prominently negative aspect in our society. Although many laws exist to prevent hazing in our society, examples and evidence had to be collected in order to present the fact that hazing does exist. Although hazing is viewed to be a problem and considered negative, many people believe hazing to be a naturally occurring situation that members should have to deal with.
According to Holmes, “Many student athletes believe the myths that hazing will accomplish team bonding and building, instill needed humility in new team members, establish a hierarchy for leadership and most importantly, decision making within the team”.
More students tend to perceive positive rather than negative outcomes from hazing and recognize hazing as part of campus culture and ritual. Ninety-one percent of kids who have been physically hazed do not consider themselves to have been hazed due to this mindset that hazing is just campus culture. Sixty percent of students agree that it is important to tolerate physical stress and thirty-two percent agree that it is important to tolerate physical pain from hazing. Keeping the code of silence is also an important aspect within kids who get

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