Hazard City: Earthquake Hazard Essay

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GLG111 Lab 5 Exercise:

Thank you, Ms. Leona Graham (mayor), for the opportunity to provide an assessment report for Hazard City. This report will provide an assessment on structural damage of an Intensity IX earthquake, and emergency housing needs. It will also identify actions homeowners can use to help prevent future structural damages, and give more information on possible effects of an Intensity IX earthquake. The assessment report will identify danger of a failing dam, and provide further understanding of the elements which will include an emergency plan. The table that follows is an assessment of the number of people needing emergency housing due to an Intensity IX earthquake.

ResidentialNeighborhood | Percentage of
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These homes are constructed with the same problems as the Hickory estates homes in the event an earthquake occurs. This is why Ralston has 8% of homes that will be uninhabitable after an Intensity IX earthquake. Walnut Heights is a community of newer constructed single-family, wood-framed homes. This community overlooks the downtown area and has impressive views of the Clearwater River. Homes that are constructed after 1940 do not present extensive problems with the foundation anchorage or foundation reinforcement. However, there is often a lack of proper reinforcement of the masonry chimneys. This is why Walnut Heights has 2% of homes that will be uninhabitable after an Intensity IX earthquake. From the assessment report, Downtown is the area of the city with the largest number of people predicted to need emergency housing. A concern is the cities hospital which is located in this area. Downtown will be hit the hardest by earthquakes due to its infrastructure. There is concern that it may become difficult to provide proper emergency services. Not only is there concern for structure in these communities, but also there is concern for slope failures and ground ruptures. Walnut Heights, Hickory Estate, and Downtown have a possibility of slope failures due to locations above the Clearwater River. Ralston and Riverside have a possibility of ground ruptures due to the location of both rivers near both towns. River banks can cave in, and if

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