Essay about Hawaii, A Place Of Paradise

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Hawaii, a place of paradise and a place I call home is where I spent most of my life in comfort and leisure. Home was home, and I was more than content with living on the Island. Even on a small Island, there was always something to do, so the thought of traveling never sparked my interest. But from time to time, my curiosity grew when I decided to check out an opportunity at school for traveling abroad to Europe. That decision was life changing. My excitement grew at the thought of being present in another country’s cultural and historical background . At my reach was an opportunity to travel across the globe, and with the help of some teachers, my dream became a reality. With just a suitcase and a heavy heart leaving home, I was ready to travel on my own for the first time. My first destination was Athens, Greece, and I was mesmerized by its beauty. A palette of blues and greens covered the outskirts of the city, while acres of olive trees filled the fields. Billboards upon billboards flooded the streets, as Greek letters blanketed the road signs for miles. But behind all its beauty, there were crumbling stores and worn out buildings that made the country seem hollow, abandoned and deserted. It was nothing like Hawaii, where people from all cultures flooded the streets, where houses and buildings where of plenty and where road signs were written in a language I understood. It was different, and for the first time I felt empty. I could see Greece’s poverty, suppression,…

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