Who's Irish Culture Analysis

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Cultural Impact of Travel Travelling is a great way to expand our horizons. It exposes us to new cultures and customs, which in turn can shape our world view. It is fair to say that travelling makes us more cultured, but also, the experiences from each adventure adds to our cultural knowledge. It makes us more aware of our surrounding society, avoid basic stereotypes and really dig deep in cultural influences of each society and era. Who’s Irish and The Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator are two great pieces that represent the same points as mentioned before. Who’s Irish is a story that shows the conflict of two cultures. Cultural tolerance is very important in this day and age. As such, this story is the perfect piece to represent how better understanding of a new culture can help us appreciate the culture better. In the story, the Chinese grandmother is very reprimanding of the Irish culture. She feels that Irish people are too wild and do not have control. This can be …show more content…
This is reflected by the author as he says “No one needs me to tell them about Florence, or Dresden, or Prague, or New York; or, indeed, a hundred other cities in Europe or the Americas. Any Lonely Planet guide will tell you how to get around them and how to make the most of them [sitting in the second-largest square with a good cup of coffee is usually the answer to the last one]. Indeed I shan 't - with an important exception - be much interested in cities at all. I like wilderness and the people who live in it, and I want to convince you that, despite appearances, there are good reasons to visit it.” As it can be seen from the quote, the author is interested in exploring cultures that are hidden, that not get as much exposure. Just like the author, we too should travel to these distant places and explore their heritage because they have the potential to teach us things we have never known

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