Having Multiple Chronic Diseases Can Hinder Anyone 's Ability

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Having multiple chronic diseases can hinder anyone’s ability to be able to live a normal and sufficient life. Wilkinson, Treas, Barnett, and Smith (2015) stated “Long-term illness and disability cause mental, emotional, or physical limitations” (p.294). HS has PCOS, Narcolepsy, severe allergies, asthma, PCS, and TBI. Due to her having all of these conditions it has hindered her growth to be able to have normal social interactions and feel as confident as she could if she didn’t have these conditions. HS’s chronic diseases have forced her to recently stop working at her job that she used to love. Going to work was something that she enjoyed because she got to see her coworkers, which were some of her really close friends. Another hindering aspect of HS having these chronic diseases is the anxiety that she gets when she takes her medication. Having medication that induces anxiety has lead her to become unsure of herself in social settings, and get nervous about what people are going to think of her. Having anxiety and mild situational depression puts her at risk for impaired social interaction and is defined as “insufficient or excessive quantity or ineffective quality of social exchange” (Carpenito, 2013, p. 611). Not being able to work, having anxiety induced medication and mild situational depression all lead to the negative outcome of being at risk for impaired social interaction. Having a good support system is something that can keep people pushing forward and…

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