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I am not the only person who experienced pressure from my parents, many of my friends and cousins also have the pressure from their parents with the same ‘love’ excuses. We(Students) already live under the pressure from school, but the parents still add more pressure to the students using the excuse of ‘love’. Maybe the parents really want their children to get better at school, but not everyone has great coping skill to help them to survive under this double-pressure. Once the youth’s coping skills cannot help them handle the pressure, they will become stressed and depressed, which will make they slowly walk toward suicide ideation and suicide attempts. I know that parents want their children to go to the top university and be a educated person, …show more content…
From this study, it clearly shows that the teens very value their family members and friend’s view on them. Most people including youths fear to receive disapproval from others and this fear can lead them to have social anxiety. With this social anxiety, they try to avoid getting disapproval by withdraw themselves from others attention (Handel). When they are dropping themselves from all the interaction with others, they will become lonely and lack of self-confidence, which can make them become depressed.
Even though sometimes parents and friends don’t mean to deny them, but it is very easy to have a misunderstanding to one’s words. This is a huge difference between intention and impact. What you mean to say may not be what others think you are saying. No matter the parents really want to disapprove their children or not, when the teens thinking they are not being accepted by others, they will start to questioning and denying themselves. If they cannot find their self-value, they will start thinking themselves are useless and a burden to others, so they will feel depressed and thinking to end their lives. Tragedy often happens because of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Therefore, it is very important to make sure others get what you want to say and not hurt other’s feelings in verbal

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