Have We Fallen Short? Essay

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Have We Fallen Short?
Motivation is something we create with students, not something we do to them, Rick Wormeli. I was encouraged by a friend to read and article by Rick Wormeli called, Perserverance and Grit. Wormeli sees the intelligence, potential, and capability our adolescence possess now days, but why do they quit when it gets hard, why is their patients so short- lived, and why do they rarely reach their full potential? I encounter all sorts of adolescents every day, not including my foster boys, each one is unique in their own personality, culture, and diversity. The most distinct factor of the adolescents I encounter is each one has a messed up home setting. Most come from low social economic settings, some are raised by single mothers, families tend to be alcoholic or drug users, and not very many are encouraged to succeed academically. I am attending Missouri State in hope to learn, help and understand adolescent in these kind of ambiance. I cannot help to wonder that we teach adolescence curtain qualities and characteristics that they need to succeed but have adults, parents, and teacher fallen short in some areas? Areas that are crucial to child and adolescents development. Wormeli wrote, we want to build resilience and stick- to –it –iveness in our students, but how? He offered a few strategies, Interpersonal and assessment/grading strategies, which I feel that educators and parents talk about but are not entirely put into motion. His interpersonal…

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