Harriet Tubman And The Civil War Essay

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There are many people that have made a lasting impact in The United States’ history. Harriet Tubman, being one of them,was born a slave in the year of 1822. Her life was very hard as she had to work long, physical hours while getting beat by her slave owners. Tubman knew she could not live like this forever and that she had to put a stop to it. Doing so, she escaped and changed many lives during the Civil War. Harriet Tubman is very important in our history because she helped free many slaves to freedom, conductor of the underground railroad, and she even had many roles in the civil war.
Harriet tubman went through a lot when she was a slave and wanted to put an end to it so she came up with a way to escape to the north. After she made it to the north she decided to go back and help many slaves escape.“ With assistance, Tubman reached Philadelphia, where she met abolitionist leaders and decided to help more slaves reach freedom” (Piecuch 1). She made many long and hard journeys going back and forth to help free slaves. Infact tubman helped free over hundreds slaves including her parents escape to freedom. Each journey was different and would never know what would happen. At one point there were reward if found posters all over looking for harriet tubman because owners of the other slaves were furious that tubman would do something like that. When Tubman made the long hard trip for the first time to become free, she was beyond happy that she was in a safe place now. “When I…

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