Harriet Tubm A Of The Most Well Know And Inspirational Figures

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Harriet Tubman: Born to be free Harriet Ross Tubman is debatably one of the most well know and inspirational figures in African American and women history. She was born a slave and as a result of her predetermined condition, was subject to abuse. Despite her condition however she strived to not only liberate herself, but others in an effort to relieve future generations from the pain she endured. Because of these facts, she is imperative to the history of America. Generations will know her as a liberator and an icon of strength. Ben Ross and Harriet “Rit” Green where united on the same plantation after Mary Pattison, owner of Rit, marries Anthony Thompson where she is moved to the same plantation as him. Their first child was Linah Ross, born 1808, and “over the next twenty-four years, they have eight more children: Mariah Ritty, Soph, Robert, Araminta “Minty,” Ben, Henry, and Moses.”(Kate Clifford Page 10) All were born and raised in Maryland. Araminta Ross was the middle child, born in 1882 between the months of February and March on the Thompson plantation. Araminta would later be known as Harriet Tubman. Edward Brodess, at this time the owner of Araminta, would hire out her to nearby farmers, “some of whom are cruel and negligent.”(Kate Clifford page 11) Because of their abuse she would carry the scars of their anger for the rest of her life. Her treatment was common of slaves, if not on the lighter side. However in 1834 Araminta suffered a head injury from an anvil.…

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