Harper Lois Duncan 's Killing Mr. Griffin Essay

1734 Words May 10th, 2016 null Page
Is it fair to have a book that many people consider a must read to be taken off the shelves of bookstores and libraries everywhere because it made some people upset? Many people think that taking books off the shelves is a violation of a person’s first amendment right, their free speech. Lois Duncan’s Killing Mr. Griffin has been challenged countless times by many groups of people who feel that the book’s plot and language should not be something that people are reading about and the authors of the inappropriate books are to blame. When groups of people join together to try to get any book off the shelves and out of the minds of readers the first amendment becomes a very important issue. The first amendment guarantees the freedom of religion, speech, press, peaceable assembly, and petition. This country was founded upon certain principles and the people were given rights listed under amendments. It also says that the peoples’ rights shall not be infringed. The first amendment can tell a person a lot about banned books. “While school officials do have significant authority to control the content of speech in schools, that power is not absolute” (Mullally). Institutions in America, like schools, can be exempt from following the first amendment. The board of every school can control what gets taught to the students and what the curriculum will consist of. For example, if a school does not want a certain book to be read by their students for any reason then they…

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