Harley Davidson Marketing Strategy Essay

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Discuss the attractiveness of the women motorcyclist market in terms of size and growth.
As pointed out in the video, Harley Davidson is fully committed to fostering and growing the women motorcyclist market. Women today represent a large sector of the workforce, enjoy higher incomes than 20 years ago, and possess more disposable income. Furthermore, women are much more empowered than ever before and are encouraged to exercise their freedom of expression and individualism.
To fill their psychological needs of freedom and individualism, as well as their sense of adventure, women are purchasing customized motorcycles by the thousands. Harley Davidson has certainly recognized the women motorcyclist market as a great growth opportunity for
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India has a great opportunity to leverage many of their strengths with their existing tourism industry, a healthcare tourist industry which is expected to generate around 2.2 billion dollars (USD) by the year 2012.
Based on the SWOT analysis, India’s existing strengths include the following: medical expertise and certifications, specialized medicine and diversification, government support, strong economy, information technology, hospital accreditations, alternative medical treatments, attractive geographic location, facility capacity, and language advantage.
In order to capitalize on the revenue potential, India needs to address some of the weaknesses and opportunities identified in the SWOT analysis. India’s existing weaknesses include poor infrastructure such as roads and airport facilities, delays at immigration counters, and inconsistent pricing for consumers (taxi fares, airfare, etc.). In addition, India has no formal expansion plan and access to the country and connectivity to premium tourist spots is poor at best.
India can capitalize on the healthcare tourism revenue potential by focusing on the following opportunities identified in the SWOT analysis: allocate resources to develop the infrastructure, align with health and insurance companies to cover healthcare received abroad, aggressively promote awareness throughout the international community, fully integrate the healthcare and tourism

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