Essay about Happy Chips, Case 10

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Transportation Economics/TLMT312
American Military University
September 30, 2012

Introduction The supply and management of a company have various difficulties in trying to manipulate the logistics of supply and making analysis of the whole performance of the supplying team. These issues apparently result from low surge and have had great inconveniences to stock and management. The reasons for these intensive difficulties are a result of malfunctioning of one group or department and thus disrupting the paths of supply. Prior to lack of frequency in stock-outs, poor customer response and high prices on the products of the supplying enterprise have the greatest impact then due customers. This
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This would have a negative result in averages as the original information was fraud or distorted at the segment point. Process cost interacts interchangeably with profit segmentation and this is what Wendell did not pay attention to. The customers are torn between moving on with Happy Chips as their supplier while they still think of vacating from the firm to another supplier. On the other hand, Happy Chips is a firm that has not qualified to national levels and could only operate at the primary and local levels thus losing Buy 4 Less firm would be a great loss. As a result Wendell has to confine into explicit measures of the costs of activities and tend to pay attention to communicating with Buy 4 Less firm whereas he improves management fitness. It is fantastic that many managers have the final rule but it is profound that Wendell gets objections from his colleagues. With anything that would give the customers better alternatives like relatively low costs for the products the firm makes, direct store delivery and distribution to various customers’ shops would rather sound finer and good to the customer himself. Being inconsiderate of the additional costs the supplier has to suffer by himself. In regard to the case demonstrated in the case of Happy Chips, Wendell is left with no option rather than to comply with the customer’s wish

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