Happy Birthday Celebration

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On March 11, 1997, my little sister Gabriella Mia Nicole Fernandez was born, which was shortly before my parent’s divorce was finalized. After my parent’s divorce, it was hard to adjust to changes, but I knew we had family to help us through the hard times. During the holidays, especially Christmas, everyone on my mother’s side of the family would come over to our house to celebrate. My moms side of the family consists of a total of 19 people, which include my grandparents, her sister and brother, who are each married and have children. Every Christmas, it’s a family tradition to cook a ham and make some homemade tamales. The women help make the food and the men set up activates outside for the entire family. When our family gets together its always filled with a lot of …show more content…
The morning of my birthday was just just like any other day, but I was just a year older. My mother had gone to work, or so I had thought and I was at home with my sister and grandparents. Everyone wished me a Happy Birthday and told me that the family was going to come over later that evening to go out and celebrate. I ended up getting ready and just relaxed in the living room watching TV. It was about an hour later, when I hear a car honking in the drive way, so I look out the window and see my family outside. I walk out side and everyone wishes me a Happy Birthday. We’re standing outside and I see my mom’s car in the driveway, but my mom wasn’t there. After about a minute later, I see my mom pulling up in a brand new Mustang. When my mom gets out of the car, she runs over to me and gives me a hug and wishes me a Happy Birthday. She didn’t go to work; she went to the dealer to pick up the car she had bought me for my 16th birthday the night before with my family. I was so emotional and couldn’t have asked for a better gift. I had already had my permit and went out that same day to get my drivers

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