Happiness : The Pursuit Of Happiness Essay examples

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Life is often referred to as a hand in a deck of cards, and that “it is what it is”; while some may call this settling, not only truly accepting what is given, but being content with what you have is the utmost virtuous way to happiness. The pursuit of happiness is a never ending cycle of being content and then uncontent, yet religion, ignorance and ending inherent greed help rid one of the burden of the pursuit.
The pursuit of happiness is embedded in the nature of humans, creating a constant, unquenchable thirst for something more. That something more varies between every human. Some try and find happiness in material objects, others in the hierarchal position of their job, and some in the happiness of friends and family. Yet regardless of what the definition of happiness is, it is always changing and morphing into something new. Permanence is a very difficult thing. The number of divorces continues to grow every year, with already one in two marriages ending. This thought of being eternally happy with someone from blossoming love is so ingrained into society, but with this new age of temporariness, marriage can not compete. Why deal with the pressure and hard work of commitment when there is Tinder, a social media phone app for hooking up based solely on a picture, swipe left if they are hot and right if not! And though discovering human sexuality through casual sex is not wrong, it shows the temporary, “quick and easy” society that encompasses. It is not just marriage,…

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